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22 Jul

I been avoiding so much stuff this summer that I am refusing to blog. I even stopped reading many blogs. I feel lost though. I feel I have no output but honestly I am just tired of the same broken record player so I am hoping soon I can catch up and let you know what I been up too. I just feel that I been taking to many breaks but in a way its good because I am busy and really don’t have time but to enjoy my life.


On vacation..

3 Jul

I been on vacation that’s why I haven’t blogged. I been busy keeping myself busy. I did get to see Alan once last week but mostly I just enjoying being alone and rediscovering myself. However, there are times where I miss having a companion. However, it seems that as long as I have him in my life it will be hard. I have tried to find someone on-line that just did not work. I don’t get men today. I had one that right away wanted to meet in a hotel room. Another said why waste our time and lets see what happens in the bedroom. I know,I do not have slut tattoo in my forehead so why all these men want sex when I just want to see if I could get past Hello. So taking a break again. I havent really made no effort to see Alan I think this summer is about discovering That being alone does not mean i am alone. I guess you can say I going to keep myself busy and see if there is any new hobbies I can pick up. So for now laying by the pool side and watching Tv, and just going out will be the highlights of my summer vacation. Cause I am definitel changing the course of my life, I know Alan is feeling it for I don’t even bother to take my phone like I used to. So I guess in a way I am no longer making him my priority;but lets not get stupid here I do enjoy the sex but for now I am my only priority till my daughter comes back home. So for now, Have a great summer and will try to come back and write once in a while.